Here at Bravo Tango Coffee we know that there is a lot of espresso beverages to choose from and sometimes it can be confusing, so we are here to keep you informed so you can pick or make your favourite at home. 

1. Firstly we have the humble Espresso a beautiful shot of black coffee pulled from a coffee machine. A lot of Europeans drink espresso shots and they are becoming increasingly popular in NI too.

2. The Latte is one of the most popular beverages served in cafes and at home, a Latte is a milk based drink made with espresso shots and milk steamed with a small amount of foam on top.

3. The Cappuccino is made the same as a Latte but steamed differently to ensure it is a lot more frothy than a Latte.

4. The Americano is made with boiling water and espresso shots people can enjoy this drink black or milk can be added. 


5. The Flat White has become increasingly popular over the past few years, it used to mostly be drank by Australians and New Zealanders however it is now a big hit in Ireland as well! It is made with espresso shots and steamed milk  but with less a milk to coffee ratio than a Latte so it is much stronger.

6. The Macchiato is made with the same ingredients as a Latte but the milk is poured into the cup first then the espresso shots to allow for a stronger taste than your usual Latte.

7. “Piccolo” means small in Italian, so this is a small latte, often served in an espresso cup or demitasse. A piccolo latte is a ristretto shot of espresso topped with warm milk.

8. The Mocha this is a sweet coffee drink, consisting of a latte with chocolate syrup or cocoa powder added. If you like your coffee sweet, you may also want to try adding caramel or peppermint syrup.

9. The Filter coffee this is a strong black coffee made by brewing freshly ground coffee, it can be drank black or milk can be added. 

10. Espresso Con Panna In Italian, “espresso con panna” means espresso with cream. To make one, add whipped cream to a single or double shot of espresso.


11. Last but not least one for the weekends to indulge in! An Aaffogato is more of a dessert than a drink. This delicious dessert is made by pouring a shot of espresso over a scoop of ice cream.

Now that you’ve read our list of the types of espresso drinks, you can order or brew with confidence. We hope this comprehensive list has shown you a wide range of espresso drinks available. And if you don’t see your ideal flavor combination, why not experiment and invent a new one?

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